Why Fair Trade?

Co-Op Approved

Fair trade seeks to develop communities and people.

Fair trade keeps prices affordable for consumers and returns a higher profit to the producers. Generally, fair trade items do not cost more than other goods, because fair trade organizations work directly with producers - cutting out anywhere from 3 - 10 middlemen who raise the price along the way in conventional trading.

The cost to consumers typically remains the same while a higher percentage of the price is returned to the artisans and farmers who make the products.

Fair trade impacts communities in developing countries. Children’s school fees are paid; nutritional needs met; health care costs paid; the poor, especially women, are empowered; people have electricity for the first time, people live in a house with a roof, people have food on a regular basis.

The environmental impact of production, sourcing, and transport is mitigated to the fullest extent possible.

Fair trade seeks to develop communities and people-not to make a few people wealthy.

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