Abbakka Arrowhead Earrings


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From Matr Boomie, Ornate jewelry is a proud cultural tradition in India and every piece in our collection hints at a deeper story. In the sprawling urban center of Old Delhi, our partner group of nearly 80 artisans delicately bends, etches, beads, and polishes jewelry from stones, glass, upcycled metal and wires, seeds, and other materials. However, these artisans are not only limited to jewelry. Many of them go on to create other products such as frames, ornaments, and hair accessories made out of ethically-sourced bone. They inherit their craftsmanship from their ancestors, who were master jewelers.



1 in stock

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Drop earrings featuring natural quartz arrowhead charms in rose. Note: Our quartz druzy is natural semi-precious stone and therefore, may have some variation in color and clarity.

DIMENSIONS:1.5″ L; width varies

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Dimensions 2 × .5 × 2.5 in


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