Greeting Card Wheely Good Birthday


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Handcrafted in The Philippines with Handmade Paper!

This card was created for you by women who have escaped prostitution in the Philippines. Your purchase sustains programs that assist these women in their restoration process while also enabling them to provide food and education for their siblings and children. This card incorporates handmade recycled paper, and we practice Fair Trade principles, empowering these Filipina women to forge a new beginning for themselves and their families.



4 in stock

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Hand crafted & hand signed! Every card connects you to the life you’re helping to transform.

Blank inside so you can write your own message!

Can a card change a life?

Can it be more than ink on paper?

We believe it can.

The mission at Good Paper is to restore the human spirit. To restore the humanity and beauty within each of us that gets so easily forgotten and tossed aside.

They start with cardmakers – women who have escaped sex trafficking in the Philippines and young adults orphaned by disease in Rwanda.

It continues with you, sending one of our creations to a loved one, and in turn delivering …

Delight. Encouragement. Joy. Hope.

Can a card change a life?

More than we ever imagined.

Our cards are changing a world.

And you can join us.







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