Soapstone Eternity Knot- Natural Stone


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Great gift for a wedding or anniversary!

The two loops of the eternity knot stand for a couple that has become joined through marriage, but remain two individual people. The sculpture is given to a couple with a blessing: “May the union last as long as the stone from which the sculpture is carved.”


3 in stock

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Hand carved Soapstone Eternity Knot made in Kenya.

Hand carved from one piece of soapstone with a machete then wet-sanded smooth. Some remain their natural stone color and others are dyed bright colors and etched. By purchasing this piece you are partnering with artisans in Kenya to create employment opportunities.

Since this item is not dyed, you will see the natural colors of the stone which can range from white to gray to pink to brown. Please appreciate that each piece is entirely unique!






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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in


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